2017-07-30 12:53:43
History, Tradition And Interesting Facts About Mercedes Benz

The history of Mercedes Benz is a long and well established one, it dates all the way back to the emergence of automotive history. To properly appreciate a luxury vehicle, it is important to learn about its origin and know the story behind its creation.

People are drawn to the Mercedes Benz brand because of the brands consistent delivery of excellence and refinement all through history. In 1897, Emil Jellinek an Austrian businessman visited the Daimler Factory in Germany to buy his first car. At that time, Daimler was known to make the best vehicles in the industry, and so Jellinek bought two more cars from them a year later.


Emil Jellinek soon became involved in car racing, the name Mercedes came from his daughter. He then began racing under the name to honor his daughter, and at the same time, Jellinek was selling Daimler cars. Daimler and Jellinek also worked together to create new products, and in 1900, the Daimler company built a new engine with the name, Daimler-Mercedes. Later that year, they put the engine in a vehicle, and the result was a 35-hp race car. With a low center of gravity, a high-performance driving force, pressed pedal steel frame, honeycomb radiator and lightweight construction, the car was indeed worth regarding as the ‘first’ modern car.

In 1901, Mercedes was registered as a trade name for vehicles, Jellinek now had a full car production facility and so he changed his name to Jellinek-Mercedes in 1903 as he struggled to sell his cars at that time. Emil Jellinek died in January 1918 and the children of the late founder of Daimler, Paul and Adolf Daimler continued the good work of their fathers. The name Mercedes means mercy in Spanish, and the famous three-point star on the hood of every Mercedes car represents land water, and air; as well as the three regions Daimler aimed to motorize.


After world war I, the plunge in the economy pushed few people to buy cars, only manufacturers who were well-established could survive. In 1924, the one-time rivals, Benz & Cie and Daimler brand were forced to form a merger. Later in 1926, Daimler-Benz AG was born. That was how Benz came into the picture.

A new logo was created with the Mercedes star together with the Benz laurel wreath. From then on, the logo has continued to represent the company and all of its automobile luxury. Powerful and influential people pride themselves as owners of Mercedes Benz vehicles because of its rich history and the desire to identify with such evolution of class and high-end service.

With the amount of technology and security features as standard on Mercedes Vehicles, it was right for them to become an industry leader and also recognized as an official symbol of German Engineering. A Mercedes Benz vehicle will not clatter or squeak no matter what its age. Earlier models of Mercedes Benz cars dating back to 60s and 80s still go for steep prices, those who are lucky enough to own and drive these cars pride themselves in experiencing part of Mercedes Benz history.

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